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A weekend in Copenhagen


Copenhagen is one of the most eco-minded and friendliest places in europe. The bike culture there is pretty amazing with 9 out of 10 danish adults owning a bike. Bikes outnumber automobiles on any street and most of the roads are closed for all traffic except for bicycles. Copenhagen was not super expensive as I thought it would be. The costs of groceries, food and beer were similar to New York prices. Not bad at all for scandinavian countries!. Here is how I spent my weekend in copenhagen.

Getting around the city

Just rent a bike to go around the city. We rented bikes for around 75 DKK a day which is about $13 US. This will be your means of transport anytime of the day. Metro is good and well connected but a bit expensive. Also, they stop running after midnight. I stayed at my friends place in Brønshøj, part of the municipality in North West Copenhagen and pretty much biked to the city every day and it took us about 20 minutes to get anywhere in the city.

Hit the streets

The first night I was in Copenhagen, My friends and I rode our bikes to the Norrebro district, the city’s nightlife hotspot. The first bar we went to was this closed street called blågårdsgade and we hit a bunch of hole in the wall bars around there. In summer, almost every bar has outside seating and big benches. Perfect if you are a stranger and want to talk to pretty danish women and ask them for things to do around there :).

As the night winded, we found a random block party in a parking lot with goth industrial music and a bunch of drunk danish people dancing. We joined them and danced for a while before heading home that night. My danish friend did say that she went to one of the most amazing underground parties where they danced all night under a bridge.

During the Day

One of the best coffee/pastries I had in denmark was at this place called The Coffee Collective which is close to Norreport station. Don’t forget to get their Snails as well. They are ridiculously delicious. We rode our bikes to Christiania which is self-proclaimed autonomous neighbourhood of about 850 residents, covering 34 hectares (84 acres) in the borough of Christianshavn in the Danish capital Copenhagen according to wikipedia. This place is pretty chill and there is a really nice lake to chill there. I was surprised to see people dealing Marijuana and Hash there to the public and smoking them (It’s illegal in denmark to sell pot.) They do have amazing coffee shops and cool museums to check it out. Just make sure you go to the edge of the lake where you are away from the tourists and other crazy people and relax by sipping on a cup of hot coffee.

Christiania, Copenhagen

Christiania, Copenhagen

We also went to Christianshavn which is close to Christiania. It has a huge church which has a golden spire which is 90 meters tall. You can climb on the tower and go to the top and get a birds eye view of the city. You will get fantastic views of orange tile roofs and green tile domes. Beware that, the higher you climb, the crazier the stairs become. Yep, I fell down from the stairs at the top and bruised my shin.

We were starving by then and had to go a deli to buy authentic danish sandwiches which are nothing but a rye flatbread with different healthy toppings. We got them and went to the Christianshavns canal and ate our sandwiches by the river.

NyHavn, The Harbor, Copenhagen

NyHavn, The Harbor, Copenhagen

The next day we went to tivoli which is the oldest amusement park in the world. They have all kinds of rides from roller coasters to bumper cars and they also have a pantomime theater. Also we checked out the town square, harbor, queens palace, parliament building and the old stock exchange.

Tivoli gardens, Copenhagen

Tivoli gardens, Copenhagen


All we did is hit random bars and bike around. One of the nights, we just got a six pack and sat by the lake, chilled out and enjoyed the views. There are a lot of really good neighborhoods to go to for drinks/dinner. The first night we went to Nørrebro district. Try to bar hop and ride safe after you are done. The best place to finish your night is this bar called “under stellet” which is a total hole in the wall bar that we had fun till 7 in the morning and rode our bikes back to our friends place.

The second night we hung out in Vesterbro, which is another amazing place with tonnes of cheap bars and nice eats. Danish people are really friendly and would love to chat with you especially if you are from America. They are obsessed with americans for some reason.

I had one of the greatest weekends in my life in Denmark and a shout out to my friends Jessie and Lasse for hosting us and hanging out with us. One thing is for sure, you are never short of excitement if you in copenhagen oh and best of all, you can drink anywhere in the city!.

So, what do you think ?