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How to spot an american tourist


I travel quite a bit and happen to notice a trend among American tourists and I started playing a game called “Is he/She an American?” by not even talking to them or noticing their accents. I was right most of time and a few things they do, gave it away for me.


Most american tourists travel in groups and most of them wear a “University of whatever” sweatshirt or a sports team sweatshirt. And what is the deal with Jansport bags? It almost seems like everyone who leaves the country gets a free Jansport bag at the airport. And for god’s sake, whats with the white Nike or Adidas Gym Shoes? Gym shoes are for gym only. I know they are comfortable, so are other casuals!. Baseball hats are for baseball games only and in america. If you want to blend in with locals anywhere, try to get some cool hats and scarves. Yes, hats are fun and doesn’t make you look any less masculine and way better than carrying your fanny pack.

Complain about the Rain

I spent 2 weeks in Iceland and it rained for almost a week and it was cloudy most of the time. Usually I travel alone but this time I went with a couple of my friends and oh god, they whined about the rain all the time. Rain is fun and not going to kill you. Its not sulphuric acid. Get over it.


Yeah, the portions are smaller in every other country. I have seen some people in stalls ask for extra fries or complain that the food portions are tiny. Oh, decaf is so american. The moment someone asks for decaf, I know they there is a higher probability they are from america.

Learn a bit about the country you are visiting and their culture

This one is really important. Do some homework folks. I partly blame it on the fact that most americans don’t travel much due to the countries geography and lack of vacation days in american companies. But make some effort folks.

Iced Everything

American’s love iced everything and this trend carries on when they visit other countries as well. I have never seen Iced coffee/tea as popular as it is in America. The soda machine with free ice sort of scares me a bit. Coffee is meant to be hot just as ice cream is meant to be cold.

Talking loud

Need I say anymore about this? haha.

Anyway, these are just some of the things I noticed when I travel with americans or see random americans in different countries. This is no means meant to offend anybody as this is purely my observation and I don’t want to get sued as its pretty common in America.


  1. Shals

    My favourite line from an American tourist in Australia…”Like dude, i totally didn’t realise you guys spoke English in Australia…so does everyone speak both English and Australian?”


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