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My experience in sunshine coast, British Columbia


Sunshine coast in british columbia is this stretch of land on the west coast of Canada, on the mainland on the eastern shore of the Strait of Georgia, and just northwest of Vancouver. Last summer I visited my dearest friend Rachel there and I was in for the ride of my life. The best part about this region is that its not easily accessible meaning you have to either take a ferry or a seaplane to get there. There are about 6 to 8 towns in that strip and each town is unique in its own way. The wonderful people, breathtaking scenery, temperate climate and not so easy accessibility makes this a magical place to be on vacation, but fortunately, I knew the locals!.

Sunset on sunshine coast at roberts creek, sunshine coast, BC

Sunset on sunshine coast at roberts creek

On the first day of my arrival, we took a ferry from Horseshoe bay to go to Langdale where we were greeted by the Berinstein family. The 20 min drive from Langdale to Roberts creek was as refreshing as a drive it can be with ocean on one side, mountains on the other side and quaint little towns peppered along the drive. We stopped at Gibsons, which is a small fishing town with lots of restaurants and coffee shops by the pier. We had some coffee and headed to Roberts creek where I stayed for 3 days at the Berinsteins. The best park about their home was that, they had a pebble beach in their backyard overlooking the pacific ocean. We strolled by the beach and found a lot of ocean life from crabs to sea lions chilling. We also went on a small park called Cliff Gilker Park and did a small hike there. It’s a perfect hike to chill out and walk in the woods after a long day.

Map of Sunshine Coast, British Columbia

The next day, we headed to the Garden bay Marine Provincial park and hiked up Mt.Daniel trail which is about 6 KM round trip to the top of Mt.Daniel which had some sweet views. It took us about 3 hours to hike up, we ate our lunches there and took some pictures. The scenery was something else. Hundreds of islands scattered across the ocean with small fishing villages and number of oyster farms.

View from the top of Mt.Daniels, sunshine coast, BC

View from the top of Mt.Daniels

After our hike, we went to have a nice big lunch at this pub called GrassHopper Pub and ate some nice sandwiches and enjoyed the view from the top. I also noticed that all of canadian bars play american sports including college sports which i found being weird. Again, this is canada and the hockey season doesn’t start till november, so folks have to watch something else on TV :).

Rachel enjoying her lunch at the grasshopper pub and amazing views from the top

Rachel enjoying her lunch at the grasshopper pub and amazing views from the top

Later that day, my host family took me to this oyster place called Smitty’s oyster house in Gibsons. I think I may have found the best seafood restaurant in BC. I got a king crab and it was pretty delicious. i can’t remember when I ate such a delicious crab in my life. Anyone who visits sunshine coast should go to Smitty’s to taste their oysters and feast on their seafood. Its completely worth it. And while you are there, don’t forget to visit the pier and harbor and check out the sunset. The sunsets and sunrises from anywhere in sunshine coast is breathtaking with a dazzling display of sun’s light reflected and refracted by the upper layers of the atmosphere.

On the final day of my stay in Roberts creek, I took it easy, did some local hikes, cooked dinner with Mrs.Berinstein, went to the roberts creek pier and drank some beers with Rachel and saw the moon rise from the backyard. The island you see across the ocean from their backyard is the vancouver island and the city that’s right across is Nanaimo. If you have come all the way here, you have to take the ferry to Tofino and enjoy the weekend there.

Moon rise over from Berinsteins , sunshine coast, BC

Moon rise over from Berinstein’s backyard

The whole experience was like being in wonderland where I wasn’t sure if i was living in an imaginary world or a real world. Travel adventures like these, meeting new people, making new friends, learning about different culture is what makes me sane while still sitting in front of the computer working for 8 hours a day.

I completely recommend doing this again, even if you have been to sunshine coast.

So, what do you think ?