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Monthly Archives / September 2012

Is America slowly moving to metric system?

I was looking at the nutrition label on a chocolate I was eating (yeah yeah, I know. Don’t judge me :) ) and something struck me, the nutrition value was in grams. Even in fluids, the nutrition value was represented in grams. This made me go exploring to see where else the metric system is […]


What I think of Atlanta

Last weekend, I took a trip down south to Atlanta to visit a good awesome friend of mine. It was a wonderful experience to be back in the south after my 2 year stint at Kentucky. My first impression about Atlanta was it was beautiful. For some reason, I thought it was an OK place […]


10 day Alaska Itinerary

In 2009, I took a trip to Alaska for about 3 weeks. I had very little idea what I was going to do there and rented a car for the entire time I was there. One thing about alaska is that it is an extremely large state, traveling from one corner to another takes about […]


Best National Parks in America

Every year, I make it a point to visit at least one national park in America, not because they are closer and cheaper, but because they are way beautiful than people give them credit for. Ease of accessibility, sheer natural beauty, more secluded backcountry camping spots, diversity in wildlife, gorgeous hiking trails and breathtaking scenery are […]


why full moon has no effect on you

The other day, I was talking to my friend Jill and she told me that Moon has crazy effect on people. She told me criminals commit lots of crimes, a lot of women give birth during full moon, it affects menstrual cycles and even large earthquakes are caused due to full moon. This does make sense because […]


Seydisfjordur, Iceland – The Magical Town

It was just another day when I was traveling in Iceland. My friends and I wanted to find a sweet resting spot for Day 4 of our trip. We happened to find this place called Seydisfjordur in east iceland. Getting to this place is not easy. There is a road from the mainland that takes you […]


The all time greatest traveler in the history of the planet

UPDATE: NASA Confirmed Voyager 1 has left the solar system. On september of 1977, a pair of human emissaries were launched into space to venture into the unknown, to discover what’s lurking in the darkness beyond the orbit of Mars. The nuclear powered space probes Voyager 1 and Voyager 2, were launched within 20 days […]


Fette Sau – NYC’s best BBQ

Every once in a while I get this craving, especially after my long runs, to eat some southern food, really good southern BBQ food. And watching BBQ pitmasters with my roommate Conor, only increases my cravings for it. Damn it Conor, you make me fat. Fortunately for me, there is an amazing BBQ place close […]


A week in Glacier Park – Part 2

Last week, I wrote an article about the first part on how I spent a week in Glacier Park. I am going to continue about my adventure in glacier park. Day 4: Two medicine lake, Dawson Pass, No Name Lake, Twin falls Hands down the best day in glacier park. The hikes I did, lakes […]


Enterprise NYC flyover

Couple of months ago, there was a planned space shuttle Enterprise NYC flyover where the shuttle was mounted on top of a modified 747 jumbo and had a planned route over NYC. Enterprise was just a prototype that was built that never had engines or heat shield and therefore was never able to to spaceflights. […]