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What I think of Atlanta


Last weekend, I took a trip down south to Atlanta to visit a good awesome friend of mine. It was a wonderful experience to be back in the south after my 2 year stint at Kentucky. My first impression about Atlanta was it was beautiful. For some reason, I thought it was an OK place to live. It was cleaner that I thought. Not sure if 1996 Olympics helped the city. Anyway, here is what I think of Atlanta.

  1. Clean City: Surprised? Yeah, me too.
  2. Amazing eateries: The flying biscuit by piedmont park, Fox Bros BBQ (apparently, this is one of the top 10 BBQ’s in America), Fat Matts Rib Shack were some of the restaurants I gorged myself. Thanks to my friends, who knew these places. And of course, the Coca Cola factory and SweetWater Brewery are couple of good additions. [I added about 6 pounds after my trip. :)]
  3. Wiiiiideeeeeeeeeee Roads: They have 12 lane highways and most of the roads even inside the city were wide.
  4. Green: I was surprised to see the number of parks in Atlanta. I stayed in Midtown, so I may not have covered the entire city, but I was surprised to see the creeks, smaller neighborhood parks, piedmont park and other greeneries.
  5. Nice People?: Honestly, A lot of people told me that people are nice in Atlanta, but I have to digress from them. I thought they were the same as people in NYC.
  6. Appalachian Mountains: Atlanta is in the foothills of the Appalachians, so if you drive an hour north or west you will find the mountains and on there are amazing little towns, crazy awesome drives and hiking trails. The 2100 mile Appalachian trail starts here as well.
  7. Cheap: I think every city other than New York or Anchorage is pretty cheap.
  8. Area Code: 404, haha. Only a computer person will giggle for this.

Overall, I had a great 3 days, ran at piedmont park, hiked 12 miles of Appalachian trail, ate great food, danced for a night and of course loads of love from my friends made this an even more enjoyable trip.


So, what do you think ?