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why full moon has no effect on you


The other day, I was talking to my friend Jill and she told me that Moon has crazy effect on people. She told me criminals commit lots of crimes, a lot of women give birth during full moon, it affects menstrual cycles and even large earthquakes are caused due to full moon. This does make sense because human body is 70% water and if oceans go crazy with tides on full moon, so will our body. Also, the moon’s gravity stretches the planet and this might cause the tectonic plates to go nuts and cause earthquakes and in turn tsunamis but let me explain why the moon has no effect on you or the tectonic plates.

Folks, let me tell you something, A full moon doesn’t mean the moon is bigger, it’s just that the face we see is lit up completely. It is as massive as a half moon or a no moon. The tidal forces depend on how massive an object is and how close it is, not how bright it is. Again, we experience high tides on a full moon BECAUSE the sun and the moon are in line! That’s why moon is lit up fully anyway.

Harvest moon - full moon has no effect on you

Harvest moon – full moon day

Physics Behind it:

My 11th grade physics will explain this. The force due to gravity of a body can be calculated by Newton’s equation

F = GMm/r2 where G is a constant here with a value 6.6726 x 10-11 N m2/kg2

M – Mass of Moon ~ 7.34767309 × 1022 KG
m – Mass of human average about 75 KG
r – Distance between the two objects ~ 384,000 KM

When you plugin these values, the force of the moon on human body is very very very negligibleIn fact, the down pillow you sleep on has more gravitational effect on you than the full moon in the sky. Remember, Moon is big, but it’s so far away and square that on top of it.

Well, yeah, tides rise on full moon, but the mass of the oceans is much much bigger and if you plug in the same values where m is the mass of the ocean instead of 75 KG, you can see the force acting on the oceans is much bigger. It’s not huge but enough for us to see. So this disproves that full moon or no moon has no effect on human body.


If people go crazy on the full moon, it’s probably because there is enough light to commit crime and escape.


Woman may appear to give birth during full moon but the fact is, the gestation period of humans are around 270 to 285 days. Full moon is a good time to get pregnant because it’s romantic. I get it. So multiply the moon cycle which is 28 days X 10 cycles = 280 days which is right at the time of another full moon. So there you go. Moon has nothing to do with a women’s baby and the moon has no effect on you.

So there you go, You don’t need NASA to prove that moon has no effect on you.

Have a better theory? I am listening!!

So, what do you think ?