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why the world won’t end in 2012


Clearly this is the most popular topic of the month so far. Let me put a nail in the coffin of all believers who think that the world will end on December 21, 2012. Don’t get me wrong; the world WILL end someday but not Dec 21, 2012.

My friend Petee was so worried about the end of the world that she started doing some research and was getting nervous looking at doomsday sites. Hopefully, this article should quell some of her fears.

Mayan Calendar:

Mayan calendar ends on Dec 21, 2012, but it was never mentioned anywhere that the world will come to an end. It simply means that a new cycle will start from Dec 21.  NASA clearly explained it “Just as the calendar you have on your kitchen wall does not cease to exist after December 31, the Mayan calendar does not cease to exist on December 21, 2012. This date is the end of the Mayan long-count period but then — just as your calendar begins again on January 1 — another long-count period begins for the Mayan calendar.“

Mayan Calendar

Mayan Calendar

Hard to take science cues from the Maya, who never discovered the wheel, and who sacrificed animals to satisfy gods, a culture that could not predict its own demise – Neil Tyson

Did you know that the original doomsday prediction was May 2003 and when nothing happened, they changed it to December 21, 2012 to coincide with the winter solstice?.

Planet X or Niburu Colliding with earth:

Again, total bullshit. There is not such planet called Niburu or Planet X. Even if there is and heading to the earth, we would have tracked it in the past decade or at least you will be able to see it. Given NASA’s ability to peep into space we should have definitely detected such a massive object.

Look what Neil Tyson says

Pole Shifts:

Mayans never predicted this but there is a popular theory floating around that Earth’s magnetic poles will flip where North Pole will be the new South Pole. This will definitely cause some of damage to life on earth, because pockets on earth will be exposed to deadly ultraviolet radiation but no massive disruptions have occurred to life as seen in the fossil records. But here is the deal; this doesn’t happen on any given day, reversals happen over course of hundreds of thousands of years. Nothing to worry here.

Galactic Alignment:

It is true that the planet, the sun and the center of the milky way galaxy will align on Dec 21, 2012. But what most of the sites fail to tall you is that, this happens every single year. That is an important piece of info that these doomsday sites conveniently leave out. Also, there is no way that the gravitation of this alignment will affect our bodies whatsoever. You can check out the calculations here.

Sun Cycle:

It is true that the sun is at its peak of its 11-year cycle. It is marked by dark spots, solar storms and powerful solar flares. Some of these flares will in fact be devastating if they are aimed directly at the earth. It could cause massive electrical outages, satellite telecommunication failures and the whole earth will be one massive neon/argon light bulb with crazy auroras. But, nothing of that sort will destroy the planet.

solar flare destroying the earth

solar flare size compared to the earth

Atom Smasher:

Some people believe that the LHC Atom smasher in Geneva will create black holes which will feed on earth and destroy the earth from inside out. It is true that there is a possibility that tiny black holes might be created during the process but the mass of these black holes are so tiny that this mass is radiated as energy as per the world’s most famous equation E=MC².

large hadron collider, CERN, geneva

large hadron collider, CERN, geneva

In fact, billions of these tiny blackholes are formed in our upper atmosphere when the cosmic rays hit the atmosphere and nothing happens.

If you have more time to research, check out the list of failed predictions of apocalyptic events.

There you go guys, stay safe, enjoy your holidays with your family and friends, drink lots of hot buttered rum and live every moment. Life is too precious to believe in such arrogance and if you get a chance, travel more!!!

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  1. black-n-red

    I don’t understand why every civilization insists on predicting the end of everything.


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