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Why westerners retire in Asia


When I was traveling in Indonesia, I found a lot of westerners, especially people from the Americas living there. I had some interesting conversations with a few of them and they loved the tropical places like Bali, Java, Sumatra, Philippines, Thailand etc. Not surprisingly, “Retire In Asia” has come up with a neat little info-graphic to show why westerners retire in asia.

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Here the below infographic will give you brief information about why western retirees love to settle in Asia. Find out the rental charges, beer cost, crime rate and night life in popular Asian countries like Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, china and India along with other few encouraging aspects associated with these Asian countries by navigating through the infographic.

Why westerners retire in Asia

Why westerners retire in Asia

Credit: ” Courtesy of Retire in Asia and Designed by Graphs

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  1. nubwaxer

    you have to be able to tolerate tropical heat, humidity and rain to live in asia. i would expect the air and water to be bad in cities and it is very crowded.


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