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Yoga for travel


I am sure all of you have made your summer plans already. It is an hectic season for traveling. Although you are excited for your travel plans, I am sure it involves a lot of sitting in a tin can (plane) , taking the train or driving an automobile for long hours. The worst part about all this is that you are stressed out, crammed in a tiny space and have little mobility. Here is how you can enjoy your travels while going through periods of discomfort. The answer is YOGA!. Yoga for travel is one of the best options to help you breathe easier, get rid of cramps and make you feel better in general.

The folks from “Well and Good NYC” have done a fantastic job on creating this cheat sheet. Just follow these exercises, may be just 15 minutes while at the airport, rest area or any time you feel like stretching. Remember guys, the more breathing and blood flow to your brain, the better you feel about yourself.

Source: Well and Good Yoga NYC.


Yoga while travel

Yoga on the fly while traveling

 Yoga for traveling (Original Source)

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