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Chasing dolphins off the coast of Maafushi, Maldives

Two weeks ago, I went on an amazing adventure with my family and had one of the most incredible time ever. The Maldives-Chagos-Lakshadweep Atolls are the largest atoll system in the world and the most extensive coral reef system in the Indian Ocean. We stayed in a Island called Maafushi and had it as our base […]


Why westerners retire in Asia

When I was traveling in Indonesia, I found a lot of westerners, especially people from the Americas living there. I had some interesting conversations with a few of them and they loved the tropical places like Bali, Java, Sumatra, Philippines, Thailand etc. Not surprisingly, “Retire In Asia” has come up with a neat little info-graphic to show why […]


Top 16 destinations to travel in Asia

I have a love for Asia as I grew up in India and love the diversity it offers in the world of flora and fauna. To travel in asia has unique advantages. It is also the largest continent by landmass and the most densely populated place in the world with 60% of the world’s population […]


Safest places for women to travel alone in Asia

If you are women and wish to travel alone in Asia then the following article will provide you the list of the safest places. The folks at Retire in Asia had this brilliant piece of article to assist women who want to travel alone in Asia. The original article can be seen here.