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How to meditate

I’ll be honest, I never was good at meditating but I try sometimes. Here are 6 steps that might help you focus your mind.


Yoga for mind, body and spirit

Yoga has definitely transformed the way I go about my everyday life. It’s not just a physical exercise, It’s a state for your mind, body and spirit to vibrate in harmony.


Yoga for travel

I am sure all of you have made your summer plans already. It is an hectic season for traveling. Although you are excited for your travel plans, I am sure it involves a lot of sitting in a tin can (plane) , taking the train or driving an automobile for long hours. The worst part […]


Why westerners retire in Asia

When I was traveling in Indonesia, I found a lot of westerners, especially people from the Americas living there. I had some interesting conversations with a few of them and they loved the tropical places like Bali, Java, Sumatra, Philippines, Thailand etc. Not surprisingly, “Retire In Asia” has come up with a neat little info-graphic to show why […]


8 places to see in 2013

With spring only a month away, If you’ve been still thinking about where you might want to spend your vacation this year, don’t make any plans until you’ve read this list. Here is a list of 8 places to see in 2013. Alaska Head to Alaska during early spring and catch the dazzling northern lights also […]


Best places to travel alone for men

Travel is the best way to feel wonderful and delighted. Some people are so determined that they save for a lifetime to plan a trip round the world. This info-graphic describes the best places to travel alone for men. Traveling is one of the exciting things to do. The places mentioned are the homes for what most men […]


10 things that I have learnt so far

I turned 29 a week ago and have been spending time the past couple of days reflecting on the ride I had so far – things I learned, things I absolutely must NOT do again, what I have improved on, what I still have a a long way to go, experiences gained, and how far […]


Benefits of traveling alone

It is late summer. There is this familiar feeling that sets in that you have not enjoyed the summer to the fullest. Warm weekends are limited, that lake house trip you planned with your friends is not happening anymore, that big trip to Europe you planned with your sister got cancelled. These things are bound […]


7 ways to stay healthy while traveling

A lot of people ask me how to stay healthy while traveling. I mean its such a hard thing to do because you go on a vacation to relax, explore, experience and indulge in food and drinks. A lot of people gain wait after their vacation and they become stressed out. Good news is that, […]