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How to meditate

I’ll be honest, I never was good at meditating but I try sometimes. Here are 6 steps that might help you focus your mind.


Yoga for mind, body and spirit

Yoga has definitely transformed the way I go about my everyday life. It’s not just a physical exercise, It’s a state for your mind, body and spirit to vibrate in harmony.


Yoga for travel

I am sure all of you have made your summer plans already. It is an hectic season for traveling. Although you are excited for your travel plans, I am sure it involves a lot of sitting in a tin can (plane) , taking the train or driving an automobile for long hours. The worst part […]


7 ways to stay healthy while traveling

A lot of people ask me how to stay healthy while traveling. I mean its such a hard thing to do because you go on a vacation to relax, explore, experience and indulge in food and drinks. A lot of people gain wait after their vacation and they become stressed out. Good news is that, […]